Artist Bio

Kayla Ascencio was born in a small town located in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1988. Growing up she always had an interest in art. After much consideration, Kayla decided to pursue it as a career. She came across a local school called Douglas Education Center that offered an illustration program. Not sure what type of art she was interested in yet, Kayla knew the program would be perfect. It offered classes that would allow her to experiment with a wide variety of mediums and it did not take her long to figure out her passion was working with acrylic paints. After the completion of the program, Kayla made the decision to further her education at the same school taking fantasy art classes offered by her most encouraging teacher. Having such an unbelievably talented artist as a teacher has made her work more then Kayla could ever have imagined. His success making money off of his original fantasy paintings made her realize she had the desire to do the same. Kayla loves that fantasy art is always full of challenges and you never know exactly what the end result will be. You can create your own world and escape from reality while telling a story with only one image. Her favorite aspect of original fantasy art is that whatever concepts she comes up with are all her own making her paintings unique. Somebody might have the same idea but have executed it in a completely different fashion. Nobody else has that same painting. Kayla is located in Ohio today and is currently taking commissions.